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Private Training

Private training is the most personalized form of training, with each workout custom tailored to your individual needs. The workout is designed specifically for your body to recruit all the major muscles and to add balance, strength, core, flexibility, alignment and control. This training is offered in a 1 on 1 setting to ensure you are getting the attention you deserve.

Semi-Private Training

While there is no substitute for expert personal attention, the next best is semi-private training. You and your friends will be able to train together at a discounted rate, without sacrificing all of the benefits of a one-on-one session. This is the perfect option if you and your friends are working on similar goals, or have a synched-up training schedule. Partner training can bring out the best in you, keeping you on your toes and accountable to your commitments.

Small Group Training

Class sizes are kept small to ensure you are receiving proper instruction & alignment cues. Time is taken to get to know you & your body type, past injuries & best practices for your posture and alignment. Feel safe & supported in our small group training classes.

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Due to COVID-19 outbreak, our physical location will remain closed through April 10.

Pilates mat and Yoga classes are available online


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